Onion & Chive

Onion & Chive

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100% Premium Artisan Crunchy Cheese


Our premium crunchy Enercheez® cheddar cheese snack infused with a hint of onion and chive.  Can you say sour cream and onion! Oh yeah.  This is the NEW way to eat cheese that requires zero refrigeration! Enercheez® is delicately made from cheese from a small family-owned cheese company nestled in the British Colombian mountains.



●  Keto-licious

●  All-Natural

●  NO Preservatives

●  NO Additives

●  N0 Artificial Flavours

●  Gluten-Free


Enercheez® is great as..

● The Ultimate Cheesy

●  Salad Booster

●  Soup Enhancer

●  Hiking Fuel

●  Kids Lunches are the Best!! (PEANUT FREE FACILITY)



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5 reviews for Onion & Chive

  1. Enercheez

    Contact me anytime at info@mountainmunchies.ca Thanks!

  2. matt.caldwell

    Great flavour without having too much onion on board. Love these for a quick snack or a trip to the hill!

  3. Lisa Seyfried

    My personal favorite flavor is onion & chive! Love them all. Delicious and a great snack to take to the hill. Has been great to munch on during our ski breaks.

  4. Danica (verified owner)

    Whoa this is SO good

  5. Dawne Deeley (verified owner)

    Sooo good. Just so good!

  6. Norman F Brown (verified owner)

    I have received the cheese from Mountain Munchies Inc. ENERCHEEZ which we have just enjoyed! I tried the cheese at a trade show last Thursday in Toronto, Canada; where upon I order some to enjoy. Thank you very much i will order much more on my next order and thank you for the loyalty discount for the next order. Norm Brown

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