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100% Premium Artisan Crunchy Cheese


Our premium crunchy Enercheez® cheddar original.  The one that started it all.  This is the NEW way to eat cheese that requires zero refrigeration! Enercheez® is delicately made from cheese from a small family-owned cheese company nestled in the British Columbian mountains.

100% just cheese with nothing but the best  ALL-NATURAL ingredients! Enercheez® contains no additives and no preservatives. This mouth-watering cheese snack is a convenient source of energy, protein and calcium that you can easily take along for any occasion.


●  Keto-licious

●  All-Natural

●  NO Preservatives

●  NO Additives

●  N0 Artificial Flavours

●  Gluten-Free


Enercheez® is great as..

● The Ultimate Cheesy

●  Salad Booster

●  Soup Enhancer

●  Hiking Fuel

●  Kids Lunches are the Best!! (PEANUT FREE FACILITY)

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19 reviews for Cheddar

  1. Julie

    Best cheese snack ever! Where can I get more?

  2. Fern

    These are freaking delicious. If you are trying to stick to the Keto diet and are craving some tasty crunch, try these. No additives or preservatives – so much healthier than pork rinds!

  3. matt.caldwell

    This is one of those rare occasions where the “plain” flavour option is not boring. These beauties are full of cheezy flavour, awesome crunch, and fit great in my packs for all my outdoor activities. My new fav snack!

  4. Lisa

    Delicious snack! Perfect snack for a day at the ski hill!

  5. Ben Andrews

    This is the best cheese snack ever. We put it in our kids pack lunches and they love it, no more sweaty cheese.

  6. Danica (verified owner)

    Unbelievably delicious

  7. Dawne Deeley (verified owner)

    The first ones to disappear!!!!

  8. Norman F Brown (verified owner)

  9. Rae (verified owner)

    Great travel/hiking snack.Transports without crushing. Weighs nothing. Crunchy. True cheese flavour.

  10. Veronica Hampshire (verified owner)

    My 5 year olds new favourite snack!!

  11. Jill Brooksbank (verified owner)

    My favourite!

  12. Vanessa L. (verified owner)

    These are the best snack I love them!

  13. Patricia Westerholm (verified owner)

    Nice and light!

  14. Anne K. (verified owner)

  15. Misty Strachan (verified owner)

  16. Kristin F. (verified owner)

    Simple and perfect for that crunchy craving!!

  17. Bronwyn (verified owner)

    Our family loves this flavor, and ordered a whole box!

  18. Michelle (verified owner)

    I purchased these at our local co-op and they were amazing. The ones I ordered directly where giant chunks and much harder.

    • Enercheez (store manager)

      Sorry for your experience Michelle, send us a message on to further help with your dissatisfaction.

  19. Patricia G. (verified owner)

    A Cheesy crisp treat

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